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About the Festival

Seto Folk is a festival where experience and inspiration buds from the fusion of music and nature. The festival takes place in Värska, Setomaa, and this year’s theme is “Facing the Forests”. This positively peculiar party starts on June 16th, 2017 and lasts for a whole three days.

Setomaa´s forests are full of wonders, deceivers and tricks. Therefore, even the performers have to balance that fine line between normality and craziness, most of the time surpassing it in their wildness. In fact, the on-the-edge-wildness is the middle name of Seto Folk with the previous themes “Üle piiri“(Over the border!) and “Näitame keelt” (Tongues out!).

In addition to great music and beautiful venues, there is a kids´ area for the little ones, a “lawn university” for thinkers, Fenno-Ugric Film Festival films shown in a cosy yurt for film-lovers and wonderful hikes for adventurers.

Bring the whole family – there is something for everyone. The festival program is continually being updated and a full schedule will be published very soon!

The archaic and genuine Seto culture can be experienced with all senses – you can listen and sing along to the Seto leelo, warm up your dance moves at a real Seto village party, learn traditional crafts and taste the authentic Seto foods.

Who wants to get a glimpse of what is really going on at Seto Folk this year, faces the forest and hears the following Seto song:

“I went to the forest”
I went to the forest to look at tricks
Oh, the wonder that was in the forest
There was work, there was a big party
The dog was the master of the party, the cat was setting the table
The pig was making the bed, the sheep was babysitting the kids
The moose was washing the floors, the horse was sweeping the street
The magpie was heating the stove, the crow was baking bread
The wolf was sorting grains, the bear was milling flour
The mouse was picking peas, the rat was making food
The rat was making food, he did not go to bring water
The ram was ordered to bring water, he did not go
He said „mah-mah“, I will go tomorrow
The squirrel was pouring beer, the cow was singing
The stork was playing the violin, the rabbit was dancing tango
The fox was being baptized, the chicken was going to a baby shower


Tickets are available at piletilevi.ee