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Ann-Lisett studies at the music branch of the Old Town Educational College which allows her to make music daily. She also studies pop-jazz piano that supplements the more classical approach studied at the music school. Even her time off is mostly spent making music. Together with her good friend Katariina Kivi, they form the ensemble RUUT that has been active for a few good years. This project combines pop-music with the classical music studied at school and folk music cherished by both musicians.

They are also experimenting with unusual ways of playing their instruments as well as new contemporary technology. This is all done in an interesting, fun and surprising way – for both the musicians and their audience. RUUT has played many spirited concerts here and there and won the main award at the Estonian Folk Music Arrangements Festival “Moisekatsi Elohelü” in Mooste in spring 2017.




Tõõnõ lava / Second Stage