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Seto Folk offers a unique chance to enjoy the exceptional films shot by Finno-Ugric film-makers in a very exclusive venue – a real yurt that is built up specifically for the festival.

The films are chosen from the official selection of the previous Finno-Ugric Film Festivals (FUFF) and introduced by the FUFF volunteers from different Finno-Ugric nations, such as Mari, Estonia and Hungary etc.

Films are brought to Seto Folk by the Finno-Ugric Film Foundation (SUFF).
NB! The yurt only fits 16 people at a time. Every film is shown twice during the festival.


“Puzkar” / “The Nest”

90 min
Directors Sergei Nagovitsõn and Konstantin Ložkin

“The Nest” tells the story of a group of young people who, having graduated from their respective high schools in the Udmurt countryside, arrive in the capital Izhkar (Izhevsk) hoping to start a new life. „The Nest” shows the challenges faced by the main characters as they try to adapt to the new circumstances.’

Friday, June 16th 18:30 Film Yurt
Sarurday, June 17th
 19:00 Film Yurt
Sunday, June 18th 15:00 Film Yurt

The 7 Sámi Stories

The 7 Sámi Stories gives voice to contemporary Sami screen storytellers, embodying visions of a new generation of Sami filmmakers, made as a collaborative project. 7 directors and three producers each shot a film, in a span of six weeks, using the same film team, in the village Kautokeino on the vast tundra of Sapmi.
The 7 Sámi Stories cross many borders, telling the stories that have been kept silent.

Friday, June 16th 20:30 Film Yurt
Sarurday, June 17th 16:00 Film Yurt
Sunday, June 18 th 13:00 Film Yurt

“Sámi bojá” / “The Sami Boy”

9 min
Director Elle Sofe Henriksen, Producer Elle Marja Eira

Mikkel is a reindeer herder who has the entire responsibility for the herd of his family. He has a tough shell like a sami boja should have. But in his inside there is chaos.

“Giksašuvvan ealli” / “The afflicted animal”

15 min
Director Egil Pedersen

A young girl seeks help for her afflicted dog, but other members in her family need more help. The mother is lost in her own mind, the father wants to cure his loneliness and the girl is searching for truth. The film takes place in small Sami home in a remote area in Northern Norway and portrays a dysfunctional relationship between father and daughter.

“Áile ja áhkku” / “Áile and Grandmother”

12 min
Director Silja Somby

Grandmother and Aile are close to one another and Grandmother teaches Aile the powers of Nature and healing, however Aile has a secret that puts their bond to the ultimate test, forcing Aile to open up, but can she save their relationship?

“Ellos Sápmi” / “Long live Sápmi”

12 min
Director Per Josef Idivuoma

“Ellos sápmi” is the story of the charismatic womanizer Klemet, whose leadership is deprived and who is betrayed by his own people. Naked hippie ladies, sex and bombs adorn this rebellious comedy, revealing the truth about what really happened when the first, Sami Parliament was formed. Ellos Sapmi is one revolutionary depiction of a historical event, based on a true story of no less than Niillas A. Somby, who also is the co-writer.

“Edith & Aljosja”

8 min
Director Ann Holmgren

A woman and a man, a river keeps them separated. They have to break the laws of nature to come close to each other. A simple story about love that defies cultural differences.

“Hilbes biigá – O.M.G.” / “Oh Máigon Girl” 

18 min
Director Marja Bål Nango

The midnight sun is shining; two teenage girls are bored of their small little village. They want some adventure, so they decide to hitch hike somewhere else – not without risks.

“Iđitsilba” / “Burning sun”

12 min
Director Elle Márjá Eira

Majjen carries a very special hat. All the women in her tribe wear this hat. It´s shape resembles a horn. The hat is of great value for her. But the men representing the church mean the hat has a likeness to the horn of the devil itself. So the hats must be extinguished.

Hungarian Short Films

Sarurday, June 17th 12:00 Film Yurt
Sunday, June 18th 16:00 Film Yurt

“White wolf”

18 min
Director Fanni Szilágyi

Every single day Niki visits the white wolf, the lone prisoner of the city zoo. She would do anything to get into the cage of the dangerous animal. The young gypsy girl keeps facing the strict regulations set by the strong male community of the zoo. Through her sexual exploitation we learn the young outsider’s suppressed position in a wild, male-dominated world. The story, however, ends with a magical twist.

“Romanian sunrise”

25 min
Director Abel Visky

Daniel, a Hungarian guy in his thirties travels to the Romanian seaside to meet his father, whom hehasn’t seen since he was an infant. When he admits that he needs to have a kidney transplantation and came to ask for half a kidney from his father, the stakes of their encounter are getting high.

“Tabula Rasa”

30 min
Director Sándor Csoma

1990 Transylvania. The dictator is dead. Thirteen year old Emma and Abel fall in love, but theirparents past harbours a dark secret.

“Betonzaj” / “The sound of concrete”

30 min
Director István Kovács

Dia is a young female kickboxer who lives in the suburbs of Budapest with her mom and youngerbrother. Her dream is to compete in Germany where she can earn good money. All she has to do iswin her upcoming championship. Two weeks prior to that Dia finds out that she is pregnant from herlover, who also happens to be her coach.