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Lawn University

Seto Folk Lawn University is designed for people that enjoy both musical and verbal self-expression. Over the course of three days, the lawn university offers several mind-broadening lectures that help give sense to the important things around us, such as society, the forest and nature, and invites everyone to participate in the creation of meaningful discussions. What or who is and is not actually “facing the forest”? How do different people interpret this “forest faced-ness” and how has this way of being changed over time? Is forest faced-ness dependent on one’s location and who is actually trustworthy enough to go into the forest with? (Lectures are held in Estonian.)

Lectures are held in Seto Farm Museum courtyard

Friday, June 16th at 15:00 Valdur Mikita

Saturday, June 17th at 14:00 Metsahariduse Selts

Saturday, June 17th at 20:00 Rein Järvelill

Sunday, June 18th at 11:00 Ahto Kaasik