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Sõir Festival

Sõir Festival in Saatse on June 17th, starting at 12:00

On the festival Saturday, June 17th from 12-16, Seto Folk invites all festival visitors to take part in the traditional Sõir Festival in Saatse (16 km from Värska). Visitors are invited to discover the local food culture and taste the delicacies made by the masters of Seto cuisine. After the Sõir Festival, the festival continues in Värska with an evening full of folk concerts and a traditional Seto village party.

The Sõir Festival takes place for the 8th time and aims to introduce the Saatse area, also known as the „curd cheese neck of the woods“, to the visitors from close and far.

Sõir is a Seto holiday food. Come and learn how it is made and what exactly the difference between cheese and sõir is. You can vote for your favourite local sõir, learn how sõir and other dairy products are made at home, listen to old stories and enjoy the concert by Janne Suits and Kristi Kool. There will also be a small handicraft and local food fair and several activities for children.

In the program:

  • Tasting the competition sõirs and choosing the sõir-maker of the year
  • Workshop: how to make curd cheese from sour milk
  • Workshop: how to make sõir from curd cheese (made on spot)
  • Cheese-making workshop
  • Comparison: what is the difference between cheese and sõir?
  • Introduction to the world of cheese cultures – what are they and how to use them? What is rennet
  • Workshop: how to make ice cream using egg yolks
  • Pop-up cafe Maagõkõnõ by Toomemäe Farm in the museum yard
  • A chance to buy handmade ice-cream, sõir and cheese from different producersThe Sõir festival offers a great chance to hear many interesting, serious and also funny, old stories about cows, milk production and shepherd life as well as sing along to old folk songs.