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Come and take part of any workshop you are intrested in!

If you´ve given your all cheering to your favourite music, you can go take a break in one of the many Seto Folk workshops. You might find yourself starting the exciting journey of becoming a handicraft enthusiast, or in the vortex of the circular movements of folk dances or perhaps even taking a peek into the hidden secrets of nature. Seto Folk hosts a storehouse of surprises that help visitors discover their so far hidden talents.

The people of Setomaa believe that things made by hand are the real things while shop stuff is for those in distress. There are many masters around, the looms never rest and each piece of yarn, block of wood and iron nail becomes a stunning masterpiece. Luckily, the local sparkly-eyed masters are not selfish at all and are willing to share their knowledge and skills generously with the festival visitors.