Film Yurt

Finno-Ugric short films and documentaries

This year, the Film Yurt offers a wide selection of short films from Hungary, Finland, Russia and Estonia. The range of topics is wide, including love stories, survival stories and everyday tragedies as well as offering insights to traditional folk culture. All films were included in the official selection of the previous Finno-Ugric Film Festival and are brought to Seto Folk by the Finno-Ugric Film Foundation. Films are screened inside a real yurt which can seat 16 people at a time. 

Fenno-Ugric short films 

Friday, June 29th at 21:00 Film Yurt

Saturday, June 30th at 16:00 Film Yurt 


dir. Anna Bazhenova – 17’34 – 2011 Russia

The film acquaints the audience with the Seto people’s ethnocultural heritage. The film’s main character is Helju Majak, the chairman of the Seto (ethnocultural) community. The film follows preparation for the main Orthodox celebration – Easter. They visit an ancient Seto cemetery, make a traditional Easter feast, and receive guests.


dir.Evar Riitsaar – 15’

Seto silversmith Evar Riitsaar shares his creative process.

Subtitles in English


dir. Maria Filatova, Yulia Potakhina – 12’45 – Russia

Svyatki (Russian Christmastide) is a merry time for carolling, folk festivities and fortune telling. It is a time when one can open the door to the otherworld and see the future. What questions did the young girls try to find answers to?


dir. Ivan Gerasimov – 18’50 – Russia

This is a story of a large Mari family in Kitnya


dir. Liudmila Babikova – 9 min – Russia

Kushal is a traditional talisman belt. It protects its owner from evil spirits and saves wanderers. This film shows how the art of kushak making is passed from generation to generation, from grandmothers to grandchildren.

Hungarian short films 

Friday, June 29th at 19:00 Film Yurt

Saturday, June 30th at 13:00 Film Yurt 


dir. Anikó Steinmetz – 18 min – 2016 Hungary

A young Hungarian worker tries his luck in the UK in order to save his family from their debts; however, he faces the same hopelessness as at home.

SZÉP ALAK (Beautiful Figuere)

dir. Hajni Kis – 15 min – 2016 Hungary

A high school cleaning lady falls in love with one of the female students in the school.


dir. Kristóf Deák – 24’58 – 2016 Hungary

Sing is a childhood drama with a lot of music, set in 1990s Budapest, Hungary. Inspired by a true story, it follows an award winning school choir and the new girl in class who just might uncover the ugly secret behind their fame.

VIZSGÁLAT (Investigation)

dir. Tamás Fekete – 15 min – Hungary

The school doctor witnesses his son being bullied by his classmates.


dir. Bernadette Mayer – 20 min – Hungary

Anna is an average sixteen- year-old girl who doesn’t seem to get along with her mother. She is impatient, distant and in love. But one day something changes.

Finnish short films 

Friday, June 29th at 00:00  Film Yurt

Saturday, June 30th at 21:00 Film Yurt 

NB! Not allowed for children under 14 years.  


dir. Tommi Seitajoki – 15 min – 2017 Finland

A 12-year-old boy plunders garbage cans in a suburb. He is searching for something that gives him a reward.


dir. Risto-Pekka Blom – 16 min – 2017 Finland

Falling down due to a personal tragedy may save a person from themselves. Matti has drifted into a double life, unable to take responsibility for his actions and their effects on those close to him.


dir. Teemu Niukkanen – 16’3 – 2017 Finland

Raimo is a middle-aged Finnish man living his cosy middle class life with his wife in the suburbs of Helsinki. His comfy bubble is burst when a Satan worshipping sex cult moves in next door. Cult leader, Maki, is a very nice and considerate person. Maki is always on the lookout for new friends, and being oblivious to Raimo’s subtle hints to keep his distance, he volunteers to be his squash partner. Trying to avoid sharing his squash slot with Maki, Raimo ends up living a lie.

Forbidden for children under the age of 14!


dir. Mikko Myllylahti – 9’41 – 2016 Finland

Four Finnish hipsters end up in a funky bar in Berlin. Kaarlo is trying to impress the girls by telling them what once happened to his not-so-talkative friend Toni, in another bar in Dijon, France.


dir. Juha Lankinen – 19’59 – 2016

Finland Make (Romeo Lahti) is 11 but wants to be a teen, or better yet, an adult – anything but a child. Instead he’s forced to look after his little brother Konsta (Matias Lindfors), who’s only interested in finding a four-leaf clover. When a bunch of teenagers Make’s looking to get friendly with tell him there’s a chance to see a real live pussy up close, he hooks up with his friends: the sensitive Teemu (Noa Louhivuori) and loudmouth Ville (Henry Havukainen). All they really know about girls comes from rumour and Internet porn. The journey gets off to a bad start when Konsta tags along, refusing to go home. During the trip they come face to face with not only death but also something more complicated – life. Only Pussies Screw is a road movie and a coming-of-age story in which Make finds out whether he can step up to the responsibility of leadership. It also answers the question of just what lies behind that mystical pussy boys are going on about.


dir. Turun anikistit – 12’28 – 2016 Finland

Vienna 1914. Otto finds a wormhole into another dimension. It drives his mental health and relationship with Emma to ruins. They both end up seeking help from Freud’s couch.

Lönnroots – “Seto”

World premiere!

Saturday, June 30th at 15:00 Film Yurt 

Lönnroots – ”Seto”

Lönnroots is both a documentary group and a Finno-Ugric band from Finland. The collective makes documentaries about other Finno-Ugric cultures with a twist. Along with documenting the everyday life of the culture, Lönnroots also tries to embrace it.

”Seto” is the first documentary filmed by Lönnroots. The band spent few weeks in Setomaa in 2015, immersed themselves into the Seto culture, and tried to compose a new song entirely in Seto language. While making the song, Lönnroots interviewed local people about their views on Seto culture and life. The documentary reveals a culture tucked between east and west, between two worlds, and between two sips of Hanza.

Lenght approx. 45 minutes.