Seto Folk´s hiking program offers exciting hikes for everyone

Seto Folk´s exciting hiking program invites everyone to take part of the wonders and riches of Setomaa´s forests. Together we can discover the nature and landscape of Värska from the grass root, gnome and tree-height giant’s level.

No matter if you are an active adventurer, a calm wanderer or a knowledge-thirsty traveller – surely you´ll find a perfect way to interact with the forest at some point during the festival.

Hikes take place both day and night, inviting you to listen to the surrounding sounds, chill out at the lake or embark on a cultural journey to the historic spots of Setomaa. Hikes are suitable for people of different skill and knowledge levels of the forest. Those thirsty for greater adventures can go on a quest to find the orienteering control points, smaller festival visitors are invited to take part in the mini hikes that explore the most biologically diverse square meters of forest or, using microscopes, observe the small creatures that live in the lakes and puddles.


planting of groves for Seto Folk