Browse through this page to find the most suitable accommodation while staying at Seto Folk

The most up-to-date info about accommodation on Seto Folk accommodation page in Facebook (the page is mostly in Estonian, but you can post your needs there).

Camping Ground

Take the most out of staying in the nature by camping!

Festival Camping Grounds are in a walking distance from the festival grounds, under a beautiful pine forest. Price for one tent is 5€ (stay as long as you want). Toilets and hand washing utilities available.

The tent ticket is sold to you by our friendly volunteers. You can find them at the entrance of teh camping grounds.

There is also a security guard in the camping ground, so things are kept in the eye until you enjoy festival life.

Within walking distance you will find a swimspot in beautiful Värska Bay.

You can also get to the camping ground with your camping bus. (Price 10€/festival). The camping bus must also have a parking ticket that can be purchased at the entrance to the parking lot.

More info
Janika Teervalt
+372 5341 0051

Holiday Houses

Rõsna Holiday Centre

Info and booking
+372 5818 4838

Helena Holiday House

Info ja broneerimine
+372 509 7865

Koidu Home

Info and booking
+372 5341 2864

Kõrvejärve Farm Holiday House

Info and booking
+372 510 3618

Sadama puhkeala

Info and booking
+372 506 3301
+372 518 5170

Järve Holiday Farm

Info and booking
+372 524 5571
+372 527 6497

Värska Sailing Sports Centre

Info ja broneerimine
+372 5340 7127