Film Yurt

Finno-Ugric short films and documentaries

Just before the Finno-Ugric Film Festival (FUFF) kicks off their movie celebration in Sänna Kultuurimõis on 3rd – 9th July, you vcan enjoy the best documentaries from Hungary, Finland, Russia and even Setomaa here at Seto Folk.  The range of topics is wide, including love stories, survival stories and everyday tragedies as well as offering insights to traditional folk culture. All films were included in the official selection of the previous Finno-Ugric Film Festival and are brought to Seto Folk by the Finno-Ugric Film Foundation.

Finnish documentary

“Eastern memories”

Saturday, June 29th at 15 Värska Farm Museum

Fenno-Ugric short films and short documentaries about traditional seto food

Saturday, 29th June at 18 Värska Farm Museum

Hungarian short films

Saturday, 29th June at 20 Värska Farm Museum