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Tickets are available at www.piletilevi.ee
You can also buy tickets from Setomaa Turism Information Centre in Värska.

3-Day ticket

TICKETS UNTIL May 14th FROM May 15th
3-Day Ticket 30 euros 35 euros
3-Day Reduced Ticket * 25 euros 30 euros
3-Day Family Ticket ** 75 euros 85 euros
Sponsor 3-Day Ticket *** 70 euros 70 euros

1-Day ticket

1-DAY TICKET UNTIL May 14th  FROM May 15th
1-Day Ticket June 16th and 18th 12 euros 15 euros/12 euros*
1-Day Ticket June 17th 15 euros 17 euros/15 euros*

Prices at the festival

June 16–18
3-Day Ticket 40 euros
3-Day Reduced Ticket* 35 euros
3-Day Family Ticket** 95 euros
Sponsor 3-Day Ticket*** 70 euros
1-Day Ticket June 16th and 18th 15 euros
1-Day Reduced Ticket June 16th and 18th* 12 euros
1-Day Ticket June 17th 17 euros
1-Day Reduced Ticket June 17th* 15 euros

Tickets from Setomaa Turism Information Centre in Värska

April 3th – June 15th
3-Day Ticket 25 euros
3-Day Reduced Ticket* 20 euros
3-Day Family Ticket** 70 euros
1-Day Ticket June 16th and 18th 10 euros
1-Day Ticket June 17th 13 euros

NB! Entrance is free for children of 0–12 years (included).

* Reduced rate for students and seniors (ID required).
** 3-Day Family Ticket includes up to 4 people: 2 grown-ups and 2 children or 1 grown-up and 3 children. Children must be under 18 years old.
*** Sponsor 3-Day Ticket includes a thank-you gift of Setomaa goodies. Claim yours from the Festival Info Tent.

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