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Lepaseree is an Estonian folk band that brings together three Estonian musicians who, despite having different musical backgrounds, are all interested in finding harmony between old traditional songs and modern sound. Minimalistic is the word that comes to mind when describing their arrangements, because their aim is to let the power and meaning of the old songs shine through the music. Lepaseree literally means “going smoothly” and this smooth flow makes the audience feel like they are sitting in front on an ancient storyteller, who is painting one picture after another for the listeners to see in their mind’s eye. The stories might be old and distant, but the songs will take everyone on a journey to these ancient times.

Meelika Hainsoo – vocals, hiiu kannel
Kulno Malva – vocals, accordion, ocarina, sansula, Estonian bagpipe, lokulaud
Paul Daniel – guitars, percussion instruments





Päälava / Main Stage