DUO RUUT is the intersection of two good friends with different musical backgrounds and taste.

Katariina Kivi and Ann-Lisett Rebane joined behind a zinther in 2007 after where  ancestral traditions breathed new life into their music.

Composing music together and being one instrument brings certain challenges, but Duo Ruut have picked up the gauntlet and unleashed their imagination, packing tight minimalistic music with new essence and exciting ideas.

Zither became a “blank sheet” for the duo, which gave a lot of space to invent and develop different playing techniques. Composing together on one instrument sets a rather narrow framework – that’s how the challenges of Duo Ruudu let your imagination out of the box and pack your character’s minimalist music with new and exciting ideas.

Dou Ruut: „We are extremely happy that we released our first album “Tuule sõnad” at the end of December. For us, however, this meant that a whole record of songs was recorded as carved in stone and our hands were left free for new songs.

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