Hair braiding workshop

You can see women walking around at Seto Folk wearing a “kossa” – a traditional Seto plait – and they keep on coming from somewhere! Maybe you like the looks of it and you want to get one as well? If so, come find the workshop. “Kossa” is a plait braided with linen that was traditionally worn only by married women. Nowadays the braided linen is a rare sight but the hair alone is braided into several interesting plaits.

In the hair braiding workshop everyone can see how many different ways there are for braiding hair and try out different techniques, starting from the most simple braid and finishing with very complicated patterns. Braid or be braided!

The art of braiding is shown and taught by the masterful Tuuli Kotov.

Saturday, June 17th at 15:00–17:00 Workshop area
Sunday, June 18th at 11:00–13:00 Workshop area