Friday 25th
main stage 22.30

Put on your reggae shoes and hurry aboard the dub-train! This 7-piece reggae/ska band has been enjoying life and singing about their everyday for 10 years. Angus might just be the drop of sweetness needed in your daily earl grey. Let us lay the tracks to keep this engine riding the vibes.


Angus is a reggae group started in 2010. The band was originally put together for a local band competition and its essence was just a gathering of friends and having fun. Although a fair amount of reggae as well as ska was played, the group did not care for any labels of genre. Known for their uplifting and energetic performances Angus started attracting creative minds from the local culture academy and soon started to grow in numbers. They developed a brass section, the now signature of the group and recorded their first album “Angus,” a collection of the band’s childhood music in 2014.

After the first release started the search for a new sound and a more serious vibe in their music. The period soon resulted in an EP “Ligadi-Logadi,” an introduction to a new, more dubish sound with more layers and atmosphere to be introduced. Angus has since been writing new music and releasing many singles including “Mees, kes keerutanud plaati” all in preparation for a third studio album.