Clay Bird Whistle Making Workshop

What to do when you lose your friend on a forest walk? Grab the bird whistle from your pocket, put it on your mouth and make a loud resounding whistle, and your friend will reappear from behind the trees.

In the beginning of the past century, ceramics were widely made from local clay in Seto villages. It was a good income source for many local men since the sandy and clayey soil of this area was not exactly suitable for farming. Clay pottery was sold all over the country by the so called „potisetu“ or the hawkers. For children´s delight, every load also always contained a clay bird whistle.

How the whistle gets inside the bird, must be tried out by everyone themselves. The workshop is led by the local ceramist Helemall Maask!

Saturday, June 17th at 15:00 Workshop area
Sunday, June 18th at 12:00 Workshop area