Saturday, 29th June

At 17 Old Diner


Living on the Estonian island “Saaremaa” in the Baltic Sea this duo has been making music together since 2012. Leana Vapper-Dhoore is a singer who also plays bagpipes and flutes. Born and raised on Saaremaa the island is what she calls „home“ and „safe harbor“. Her selfwritten songs find their roots in the whispering forests, deep swamps and calming landscapes of the island. Hartwin Dhoore plays the diatonic accordion and is known for his contemporary instrumental compositions. His melancholic harmonies accompanying Leana`s songs are a reflection of the silent and magical environment that Saaremaa is. Leana & Hartwin`s repertoire finds itself on the crossroad of Estonian traditional music and new untold stories which keep the very same tradition alive. Shaped into a fragile and intimate universe their music takes you to the place where it was born – Saaremaa.