Saturday, 29th June

At 19 Paddock Stage


Etnosfäär (Ethnosphere) is an Estonian trio that skillfully blurs the lines between folk and contemporary sounds. Each member, originating from different backgrounds and experiences, shares a common goal – to remind people about a small country full of amazing folk songs. The music showcases traditional music in a contemporary format. This enhances the beauty of old folk-style songs making it more approachable for the modern listener. The extraordinary atmosphere created by the music carries the listener back to their roots – to a world where anything is possible.

“The new. The future. It comes from unexpected directions, and it’s always a shock. This is folk music. Oh yes, it really is. It’s folk music for the 21st century. Together they’ve created something with a complete, unique vision. The three-note melodies are still there, the old words sung, but the framework is utterly, absolutely new. And it works.” Chris Nickson, fRoots Magazine (UK)



Kathi Koch – vocals, keyboards, Estonian bagpipe, whistle, jew’s harp

Kaarel Kuusk – keyboards, live-electronics, vocals

Karl-Markus Kohv – drums, percussion instruments, vocals, metallophone