Hartwin Dhoore Trio

friday 25th
kopli stage 5pm

Hartwin Dhoore is an accordionist who grew up in Belgium but lives since 2015 in

Estonia. For many years he is roaming international stages as a professional musician.

Inspired by traditional European music, Hartwin has crafted his own style. Performing

across Europe, Canada, and the USA his original compositions have found their way to a

wide audience.

Apart from performing as a solo artist in a more fragile and intimate setting, Hartwin loves

the magic of creating and performing music with other musicians.

Sofia-Liis Kose grew up in a musical family and plays the violin since the age of six.

Starting off with classical music education as a child, she moved on digging into hip-hop

and rock as a teenager after which she came home in the trad & folk music scene.

Carlos Liiv was born on the Estonian island Saaremaa but is currently based in Tartu

where he is studying guitar and singing at TÜVKA. Although he is a newcomer for the trad

& folk music scene, he for sure isn’t one when it comes to pop & rock music.

Joined by these two talented souls, Hartwin’s compositions get shaped into a colorful and

melancholic universe that reflects the world around him. Estonia trough the Eyes of a

newcomer transposed into an instrumental adventure.