Saturday, 29th June

At 15 Old Diner


Maimu Jõgeda is an Estonian accordionist lighting up the world with her unique and reflective style of playing her own compositions. With roots from southern part of Estonia, she has always been interested in traditional music. One day these traditional music influences sparked her own tradition and she started to write her own music. In the summer of 2017 she released her debut album Pühendus (‘Dedication’) with twelve compositions written and performed by herself. Since the release of Pühendus 2017 Maimu has received only praising reviews from around Europe. She was also nominated for best new folk artist and best debut album at the Estonian Ethno Music Awards 2018. Maimu describes her music as meditative, letting the listener travel through the fantasy worlds that the music creates.

“Maimu’s compositions instil a haunting, otherworldly effect, and her solitary lazily-drifting instrument fascinates and mesmerises. This is a peaceful, heart-warming album; file under Essential Music For The Long Road, and a listen to her soothing sounds should make the miles and the hours fly by.” Mick Tems, Folk Wales.