Saturday, 29th June

At 23.30 Seto Folk Night Club 

Old Diner


OOPUS combines modern electronic sounds and rhythm with traditional instruments and dance music. It is audiovisual folktronica, where psy-ambient-techno-trad genres mix with site specific lights and visuals.

OOPUS is most often being categorised as live audiovisual folktronica group or folk on acid. The members of the band like to think of themselves as multi-genre and multichannel collective, whose creation largely depends on the vibe of the people and on the specific venue. Since they create boththeir music and their lights and visuals live, they use it to their benefit and take specifics of every stage and audience into account. OOPUS mostly focuses on danceable music and aim the performances to be audio-visually immersive.

OOPUS is Johannes Ahun (analog synthesizers), Mari Meentalo (vocals, Estonian bagpipes, flute, whistles, jew’s harp, looper) and Aleksander Sprohgis (lights and visuals).