Puuluup + Tõnu Tubli

saturday 26th
main stage 8pm

Puuluup mixes talharpa with electronics and sways in between folklore and contemporary music, while also flirting with music from other countries, underground and pop. 

In addition to their distinct dynamic stage movement, they have also garnered several awards, including the Award of Estonian Cultural Capital 2020 for bringing exotic winds and enriching unique Estonian folk music.


Drum cosmonaut Tõnu Tulbi will join this performance and together they will do what Puuluup does. Hit the drum skins and let the dance begin!


Such a romantic neo-zombie-post-folk sounds have never yet been heard at Seto Folk!


Ramo Teder- talharpa, vocals, electronics

Marko Veisson – talharpa, vocals, electronics

Tõnu Tulbi – drums