Saturday, 29th June

At 21 Paddock Stage


“A massive sound avalanche, combining the intensity of punk and the melodious nature of post-metal, is achieved just by the alliance of drums and accordion. They’ve worked hard on the sound and I don’t really think anything based on an accordion has ever sounded like that before. It’s not hard to imagine Kulno Malva crashing his instrument through the wall after some particularly turbulent accordion sessions, like the toughest old-school men used to do when things got truly ecstatic.” Margus Haav, Postimees

RIFFARRICA (formerly known as Duo Malva & Priks) started in 2016. Kulno Malva and Kristjan Priks, both experienced folk musicians, joined forces to make vigorous and masculine folk music, drawing inspiration from centuries-old folktale songs. The combination of Kulno’s raspy vocals, dynamic accordion grooves and the sound of Kristjan’s distinctive drum set gave birth to a fresh and exciting sound –”Folk with muscle” as Baltic Music News so accurately named it.

Kulno Malva – accordion, Estonian bagpipe, vocals

Kristjan Priks – drums, vocals