Ruhnu saare lood ja laulud

saturday 26th
kopli stage 13pm

We are embarking on a journey in the midst of events and the spectacular nature of Ruhnu island. Once upon a time Ruhnu was not just famous for its seal hunters and skillful craftsmen, but also for its mighty violinists. While researching the forgotten Ruhnu-Swedish traditional music, Karoliina Kreintaal, Lee Taul and Sänni Noormets decided to organize a violin camp to revitalise the old songs. The camp has put the whole island in a clamour and echo of Ruhnu-Swedish songs for 7 years already. Recetly the songs originated from Ruhnu were also recorded on an album, introducing the rich Ruhnu heritage of old weddings songs, to original songs inspired by the island.

Kairi Leivo will take stage to narrate the colourful stories and village chronicles.


Karoliina Kreintaal – violin, viola, vocals

Lee Taul – violin, vocals

Sänni Noormets – violin, viola, vocals

Kairi Leivo – narrator