Seto Food Workshop

Is “mouth-glue” really edible? Where does “sõir” grow and when can you harvest it? These types of questions can be asked by those entering the kitchen of a masterful Seto cook for the first time. Those leaving the kitchen already know. And beware – this workshop might tickle your tongue!
Seto foods are unique and down-to-earth and some of them can only be enjoyed whilst in Setomaa. Strange names hide nourishing foods made from simple ingredients that are easy to prepare. You just need to know a few tricks.
Which secret is hidden in the delicious “mouth-glue” and how to make the impressive “sõir”, can be found out during Seto Folk at the Seto Farm Museum!

Saturday, June 17th at 16:00 Seto Farm Museum (“sõir”)
Sunday, June 18th at 12:00 Seto Farm Museum (“mouth-glue”)