Seto Knitting Workshop

The socks and mittens made by local Seto handicraft masters make even the most ungainly feet and stiff hands look marvellously graceful. The Seto knitwear passes on the heritage and the magical world of the ancestors. One can keep on studying the expressive patterns of Seto knitwear for ages, admiring the different shapes and colour combinations. We invite all festival visitors to take part in it.

How does a Seto pattern get knitted into a wool sock and what kind of sounds do knitting needles make? This and much more can be tried out by all festival visitors in the Seto knitting workshop that is led by the renowned handicraft master Kuremäe Anni.

„Better a wooly sock on my foot than the sweet kiss of a maiden!“ (words said by a man who forgot one of his socks on a chilly Estonian summer night, 1817).

Saturday, June 17th at 15:00 Workshop area