Seto Language Workshop

In order to react in the correct way when the Seto invite you to “kul´atama” (party) at the festival or offer to sell their old “pudsunudsija” (vacuum cleaner), you need to come to the Seto Language Workshop. At the workshop, you will giggle with laughter, raise your eyebrows with surprise and scratch your head with incomprehension. We’ll learn some useful words and phrases that will help you start a conversation with the locals at the Saturday night´s “kirmas” (party) more easily.

The archaic and unique Seto language is part of the Seto identity. It is also part of the Estonian inventory of intangible cultural heritage and is beautiful to both listen to and speak. Come and experience it for yourself! The introduction to the Seto language is given by Maret Vabarna and Anni Kuremägi.