The Sounds of the Universe

A Sun Gong and Crystal Bowls Concert

Sound is in everything we do, touch or create. On the first night of the festival, there will be a concert where the clean sound waves of crystal bowls will open the door of the silence of thought and guide you to a place of deep peace and meditation. The sounds of the creation of the world, made by the powerful Sun Gong, will send you on a relaxing journey through your body and spirit. For a more comfortable experience, we ask you to bring a mat and a blanket for covering yourself. The sounds will be created with the help of Aivar Täpsi.

Aivar is the owner of the Viia-Jaani Labyrinth Farm and has practiced playing music on quartz crystal singing bowls and gong for many years. He has given numerous meditative concerts as well as guided individual meditations. Collaborating with folk musicians, he has put on a number of project concerts and performed at festivals, combining traditional instruments with his own instruments.

Friday, June 16th at 24:00 Seto Farm Museum Yard