Võru Folklore Dance Festival Workshop

In collaboration with Võru Folklore Festival folk dance workshops will be organized on Seto Folk, both for children and grown-ups. For participation at dance workshops you don’t have to be a professional dancer and not even an amateur, because in old times all the dances were meant to be danced by everyone. In addition the dance workshop on Saturday evening is a great occasion to warm oneself up for traditional Seto party with music, singing and dancing (“kirmask”) that will take place just after.

Our guests from Võru Folklore Festival introduce themselves as follows:

We are Marianne, Kadri and Anu from organizing team of Võru Folklore Festival and we are often occupied with singing, dancing and playing various instruments. Now we have joined our forces to bring some of the aura Võru Folklore Festival to Seto Folk. Our festival in this year is concentrated around waltz and therefore we will be mostly teaching various waltzes. You will learn Estonian flat footed waltz, as well as Hiiu waltz, but probably there will be some surprising polkas and kargus (traditional seto female dance) in the mix. For children we offer favorite games of our own children and hopefully these will be your favorites too. We will be waiting for you!”

Workshop is lead by Marianne Jaanson, Kadri Mähar and Anu Koop.

Saturday, June 17th at 20:00 Workshop Area